Imphal East District – a land of scenic beauty, enchanting landscape, salubrious climate and rich cultural heritage which has a great potential for development of tourism.  As a part of strengthening the tourism infrastructure, the Directorate of Tourism, Manipur is managing the the tourist homes at Kaina for accomodation of tourist visiting the area. Hotel Imphal at the heart of the town has been improved with modern amenities. The State Institute of Hotel Management, Cathering Technology and Applied Nutrition has been set up at Nongmaiching, Imphal East District for human resource development.

Some tourist site of Imphal East District worth mentioning are Shree Shree Govindagee Temple, Andro,  Sekta archaelogical Living Museum, Mutua Bahadur Museum.  The two war Cemeteries that maintained by British war grave commission is an attractive site to the tourists. In addition to this there is a temple at Kaina, a holy place of the Hindu. Besides, Hanuman Temple at Mahabali is a pre-historical place in the State.The natural beauty of Poiroupat in the past era, was a lake  surrrounded with the small hillock was, beyond description and there were many lotus,lily and many more floating plants were grown but today it is no more a lake, infact, used as agricultural area .

No. of tourist spot and tourist visiting Imphal East District :

Year 2016-2017 2014-2015 2013-2014
No. of  tourist spot in Imphal East  District 17 17 17
No. of  tourist (Foreign) 635 154 132
No. of  tourist (Domestic) 20032 18863 17939
Total no. of Tourist 20667 19017 18071

Note: As per the guideline issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism, visitors who visits only during the day time and does not stay over-night are not considered as tourist.

Source: Directorate of Tourism, Manipur: