Sub Division & Tehsils

The Sub- Division in Imphal East District are  Porompat,  Keirao Bitra and  Sawombung Sub Divisions.

Under Porompat Division, there are 3 (three) tehsils/ SDC Circles  namely Heingang SDC, Porompat SDC and Bashikhong SDC.

Keirao Bitra SDC and Tulihal SDC belongs to Keirao Bitra Sub Division while Sawombung SDC and Sagolmang SDC belongs to Sawombung Sub Division.


Imphal East District
Sub Division Tehsils/ SDC Circles
Porompat Heingang
Porompat Porompat
Porompat Bashikhong
Keirao Bitra Keirao Bitra
Keirao Bitra Tulihal
Sawombung Sawombung
Sawombung Sagolmang