Places of Interest

Some Place of Interest in Imphal East District are

Govindagee Temple

Shree Shree Govindagee Temple

Shree-Shree Govindajee Temple

Shree-Shree Govindajee Temple, a beautiful golden temple located in the Palace compound is still shining.The temple of Shree Shree Govindaji was originally built in 1846 AD during the reign of Maharaj Nara Singh. The temple measures 16.95m in length and 18.63m in breadth. The whole structure stands on a 1.34m high plinth. It is a simple and beautiful Structure with twin gold domes, a paved courtyard and a large congregation hall. The Presiding deity, Radha Govinda is flanked by idols of Balaram and Krishna on one side and Jaganath, Balabhadra and Subhadra on the other. It is a sacred centre for Vaisnavaites.

Mutau Bahadur

Mutau Bahadur Musuem, Andro


Andro lies 21 Kms east of the State capital Imphal. The small village is an ancient scheduled caste area of the state. Mutua Bahadur Musuem is a Cultural Complex located at Andro village. It houses artefacts of the State and from all over the North-East, such as pottery, rare coins, rare manuscripts of the state, paintings, basketries, bell metals, jewelries, wood carving, etc. There are exact replicas of the houses of different tribes and ethnic groups of the state such as Poumai, Kabui, Meitei, Kuki and Tangkhul. There is also a doll house wherein dolls representing the 34 recognised tribes of the state are displayed.

kaina Andro



Kaina is a beautiful hillock about 29 Kms to the east of Imphal on the Imphal-Yairipok road. According to the legend, during the reign of Bhagyachandra Maharaj (1763-98A.D), the sacred idol of Shree Shree Govindajee was sculptured from the parts of a jack fruit tree cut from Kaina in complying to a dream in which the King saw the image of the lord.  The total area covered under the site is 22 X 18.40 sqm. Kaina is considered sacred for the ardent vaishnavites, and assumed importance as the place where the image of the lord originated and consequently became an important religious and historical place .

Kei Mound

Sekta Archaeological Living Museum

Sekta Archaeological Living Museum

Sekta Mound locally known as Sekta Kei is a protected archaeological site. The site is located in Sekta village and is around 16 Kms Imphal on the bank of the Iril river and around 4Kms north of Lamlai on the Imphal-Uhkrul road. It is a place where evidence of the practice of secondary burial was discovered. The site was jointly excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India and the State Archaeologists. There are reportedly 6 well marked burial areas. However only one burial mound was located, excavated and protected by the State Archaeology. The total area under protection is 0.35 acre. The excavation at the Sekta burial site revealed important information of the burial customs of the Sekta people and their social and economic life. This has helped archaeologist and historians to reassess the historical process of the people of Manipur.

CC Centre

City Convention Centre

The City Convention Centre

It is located inside the palace compound at the heart of the city. It is one of the premium destinations for conventions and conferences in the State. The Convention Centre has a capacity of accommodating 1000 people at a time. The main auditorium has a seating capacity of 687 people and serves as a venue for most of the business conferences organised in the State.