District Statistical Office

The District Statistical Office, Imphal East District, with its office at the State Head Quarter in the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Lamphelpat, Imphal, it is one of the offices which were bifurcated from the erstwhile District Statistical Office (DSO), Imphal and it came into existence w.e.f. 01-06-2000.

Since its existence, the DSO, Imphal East has been undertaking various statistical activities under the supervision, guidance and control of the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Government of Manipur. The major function of the District Statistical Office, Imphal East District is to collect primary data and to help all the agencies/ bodies in the district with furnishing current and accurate statistical data which return to the State Head Quarter (DES), Lamphelpat. The DSO, Imphal East has been entrusted with the responsibility to execute the field work of different surveys such as National Sample Survey, Crop Estimation Survey and other Ad-hoc surveys of the district. This office also prepares and brings out publication such as:

  • District Statistical Year book
  • District at a Glance
  • District Socio- Economic Survey
  • District Annual Administrative Report
  • District Profile etc.

The main function of the District Statistical Office, Imphal East can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Collection, compilation, processing and presentation of data on various socio-economic aspects of the district in a systematic manner and to dissemination of the same through periodic publications
  • Conducting sample surveys and other ad- hoc field enquiries, awareness programme at block wise from time to time on various aspects and problem of socio-economic development.
  • Conducting the Crop Estimation Survey sponsored by the Government of Manipur for estimation of area and production of cereal and non-cereal crops in Imphal East District.
  • Co-ordination of the statistical activities of various offices located in Imphal East District.
  • Assisting in the evaluation of sound statistical system.
  • Standardisation of all questionnaires/ schedules/ formats etc. meant for data collection.


Physical Achievements for the Financial Year, 2016- 2017

During the year, the following units are working in the District Statistical Office, Imphal East.

  • Publication
  • Crop Estimation Survey
  • National Sample Survey
  • Administrative and Accounts


The publication section of this office has been dealing in the works such as maintaining the record of various Depts. / Offices functioning under Imphal East District, Manipur. This has been achieved by the way of collection of various secondary data of Sub-Division/ Block Level from various Government, Semi-Government Department/ Offices located in Imphal East District and followed by compilation in various formats for bringing out statistical publication like District Statistical Year book, District at a Glance, District Socio- Economic Survey, District Annual Administrative Report and District Profile etc.

Crop Estimation Survey

Initially known as Land Utilisation Survey (L.U.S.) and Crop Cutting Experiment (C.C. Expt.), the Crop Estimation Survey (C.E.S.) is a special type of Survey to be implemented along with Sub- Sample 1 and Sub- Sample 2 sponsored scheme by Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistical (EARAS). The main objective of this scheme is to build up reliable estimate of area and production of various cereals and non-cereals crops at Sub- Division wise. It also aims at generating estimates for yield rates separately for variety of seed used, type of irrigation, method of cultivation, fertilised and non- fertilised crops. This survey is generally conducted during the agricultural year. Under this survey, villages within Porompat, Keirao Bitra and Sawombung Sub-Divisions are surveyed by the field staffs of this office by adopting scientific  procedures of Crop Cutting Experiments.

A total number of 64 sample villages were surveyed for each season. Out of these, 32 samples were selected to conduct of Crop Cutting Experiments. 3 (three) cuts were conducted from each of these 32 samples.

Crop Estimation Survey conducted during the agricultural year 2009-2010 to 2016- 2017
Agricultural Year Number of Sample Village conducted
 Season  Autumn Winter Spring Summer
2009-2010 64 NA 64 32 64 NA 64 NA
2010-2011 64 NA 64 32 64 NA 64 NA
2011-2012 64 NA 64 32 64 NA 64 NA
2012-2013 64 NA 64 32 64 NA 64 NA
2014-2015 64 NA 64 32 64 NA 64 NA
2015-2016 64 NA 64 32 64 NA 64 NA
2016-2017 64 NA 64 32 64 NA 64 NA

 National Sample Survey

National Sample Survey is centrally sponsored schemes with large- scales time bound of national importance. The survey is conducted in terms of Rounds. The main aspect of the survey is to collect socio- economic data of current interest in every year from the selected samples. District Statistical Office, Imphal East District started participation in the programme of NSS from the 1st round of 56th round of NSS |(1st July to June, 2001) onwards and the sources of data collected pertaining to diverse Socio- Economic condition of the people of Imphal East District are indicated in with accurate available numerical information/ representation of different Statistical Data are being processed and submitted to the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Govt. of Manipur.

The Field work for both the independent sets of samples such as the Central and the State sample are conducted by the investigators of this District Office under the proper guidance of District Statistical Officers and the overall supervision is done by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Govt. of Manipur. The scrutinized filled-in- schedules for both the Central and State samples are being sent to the State Head Quarters, Lamphelpat for further necessary action.

The socio- economic survey of the 73rd round (NSS) was over by June 2016 and submitted already to the Directorate Economics & Statistics, Govt. of Manipur. A new 74th round of NSS covers Establishment Enterprises by direct interview each of the selected samples of Imphal East District to make different statistical data.

Round wise Survey programme
  Sl. No. Round   No. of Sub Round  Year  No. of sample size surveyed Total
 Rural Urban Rural Urban Total
Central State Central State Central State Total
 1  66th  4  July 2009- June 2010  32  64 16 40 48  104 152
 2 67th 4  July 2010- June 2011 12   24 12 27 36 39 75
3 68th 4  July 2011- June 2012 32  64 25 53 57 117 174
4 69th 2  July 2012- Dec 2012 14  28 26 49 40 77 117
5 70th 2 Jan 2013- Dec 2013 14  28 20 22 34 50 84
6 71th 2  Jan 2014- June 2014 14  28 23 47 37 75 112
7 72nd 4  July 2014- June 2015 24  45 43 83 67 131 198
8 73rd 4  July 2015- June 2016 20  40 8 16 28 56 84
9 74th  July 2016- June 2017 B.R. E.C. MCA Total
 17  42 42 59  10  170


Staff Strength
Sl. No. Designation Number of Staff Sanctioned Number of Staff at Present
1 District Statistical Officer
2 Assistant Director 1 1
3 Inspector 1 1
4 Sub- Inspector 4 4
5 Draftsman 1 1
6 Primary Investigator 15 15
7 Computer 1
8 Upper Division Clerk
9 Lower Division Clerk 1 1
10 Peon 1 1
11 Chowkidar
Total 25 22