Details of ongoing Schemes and Services


The Mid Day Meal Scheme is an instrument used as a means for not only promoting school enrolment but also better learning in schools. Such programme was started in the Imphal East District from November, 1995 even though the scheme was launched in India by the Ministry of Human Resource (MHRD) on the 15th August, 1995. In the District, under Mid Day Meal Scheme, hot cooked food is being provided to Primary Children of all Government and Aided Schools since 14th November, 2004. Again, the scheme was extended to the Upper Primary Schools with Primary Classes w.e.f. 1st August, 2008 and later on Upper Primary Schools without Primary Classes was also covered from April, 2009 onwards. In the year, 2017-18, a total of 336 Primary and Upper Primary Schools (Govt. & Aided)  under the administrative jurisdiction of the Zonal Education Officer, Zone-II, Imphal East having enrolment of students are implemented under this scheme and 30 (thirty) schools have been provided LPG connection in Imphal East District on trial basis. Construction work of 74 (seventy four) Kitchen sheds are in progress.


The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)- RTE, Imphal East has been taking positive steps in the elementary schools of Imphal East District. Some are briefly highlighted below:

FREE TEXT BOOKS AND OTHER FACILITIES- To attract more students and retain the existing students in the elementary Government and Aided Schools, free text books were provided and School Uniform @ Rs. 400/- per student per year were also given.

School Grant- It is provided to the schools for replacement of non-functional school equipment.

Sl. No. Name of Grant Category of School Rate of Grant (Rs.) Management Remarks
1 School Grant Primary schools 5,000 Govt. & Aided Primary Schools and Upper Primary Schools would be treated as separate schools for the purpose of school grant even if they are functioning from the same premises.
2 School Grant Upper Primary schools & Junior High Schools 7,000 Govt. & Aided

School Maintenance Grant- Only through School Management Committee (SMC) of the school concerned, such grant will be only for those schools which have existing buildings of their own.

School Maintenance Grant
Sl. No. Name of Grant Category of School Rate of Grant (Rs.) Management
1 School Maintenance Grant Having less than 3 (three) classrooms 4,900 Government only
2 School Maintenance Grant Having more than 3 (three) classrooms 9,500


    • Teacher Grant:- @ Rs. 500/- per teacher per year in primary and upper primary was given to the schools of Government and Aided (Approved Teachers only).
    • In addition to these, in-service teachers training was also conducted at the district, block and cluster level etc. from time to time.
    • Inclusive Education- Inclusive education or education of children with special needs (CWSN) is an important component of SSA. Under this programme, the common initiative taken up at the district/ zonal level are highlighted below:-
    • Medical Assessment /Identification Camp for the children of 6-14/18 years of age in collaboration with ALIMCO, Guwahati.
    • Provision of Transport Allowances @ Rs. 2,500/- per year per childProvision of Escort Allowance @ Rs. 2,500/- per year per child
    • Provision of Aids and Appliances such as MSIED KIT, Rolator, CP Chair, Wheel Chair, Bilateral Moderately HL Hearing Aids, Tricycle and Walking Sick etc.
    • Provision of Surgical Correction of Children with special needs (CWSN) – Cleft palate, Ptosis, Cleft lip, Ear deformities, Orthopaedic- Clubbed foot, Blow leg, Limb and Hand deformities etc.


Another key CSS that is going hand-in hand with SSA in the secondary education of Imphal East District is the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA).Under the programme of RMSA in Imphal East, vocational education in 5 (five) schools has been introduced mainly in IT sector. The name of the schools is noted as below:-

    • Irilbung High School
    • Lamlong Hr. Secondary School
    • Khundrakpam Chingkhu (K.C.) High School
    • Sawombung High School
    • Lamlai High School.

Programmes conducted by Science Unit, Zonal Education Office, Zone-II, Imphal East:

The following programmes are conducted at the district/ zonal level as a regular programmes :-

  • District Level Science seminar and recommendation for participation in the State level- to inculcate a scientific enquiry and analytical thinking in the mind of young students.
  • District Level Science Exhibition and recommendation for State Level – to popularise science amongst children, teachers and public in general on different topics.
  • Inspire Award- The Inspire Award i.e. “ Innovation for Science Pursuit for Inspired Research” is a scheme launched by Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Government of india. The aim of the scheme is to attract talented youth to study science by proving Inspire Award @ Rs.5000/- per student from the age group of 10-15 years (the students reading in Class VI-X standard). Under this scheme, with the directives of the Director of Education (S), Govt. of Manipur, competition on Science and Environment Model is conducted at the State level with the well organisation of District /Zonal Level. At present, submission & registration for Inspire Award of students has been introduced on- line process.
  • With the direction of the Director of Education (S), Government of Manipur, the other examination organised by the Science Unit of the Zonal Education Office, Zone-II , Imphal East for the purpose of i. State Level National Talent Search Examination (SLNTSE) for Class X students, ii. State Talent Search Examination (STSE) for Class IX Students, iii. National Meance cum Merit Scholarship Examination of Class VIII students of Govt. and Aided Schools only and iv. State Competitive Examination for Classed V and Class VIII passed students may be mentioned.

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