In the Police Organisation, a Superintendent of Police, being the head who is assisted by a number of Police officials maintains law and orders of the district.

List of Functional Police Stations
Sl.No. Police Stations Contact No. Address
1. Porompat police station 0385-2442447 Porompat, near Porompat traffic point
2. Irilbung police station 0385-2055633 Irilbung, 200 m north of Irilbung Bazar
3. Heingang police station 0385-2055632 Heingang, Near PHC Heingang
4. Lamlai police station 0385-2055634 Lamlai, 1.3 km east of Lamlai market
5. Andro police station 0385-2055636 Andro, on Napetpalli- Andro Road
6. Sagolmang police station 0385-2055635 Sagolmang, 270 m south west of Sagolmang market

List of Non- Functional Police Stations

  1. Yaingangpokpi police station
  2. Thoubal Dam police station