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Notice regarding Voters in respect of 4-Kshetrigao AC approved for issuance of Postal Ballot from the office undersigned 14/04/2024 View (307 KB)
Notice regarding Postal Voting Centre in respect of 4-Kshetrigao AC & 5-Thongju AC 14/04/2024 View (290 KB)
Casting of vote through Postal Ballot by the absentee voters in essential service category at Postal Voting Centre at Panchayat Bhavan DC Office. 13/04/2024 View (717 KB)
Schedule for collection of various Postal Ballots (PB) or Election Duty Certificates (EDC) in respect of Imphal East District 12/04/2024 View (795 KB)
Order regarding Facilitation centre for essential service 10/04/2024 View (182 KB)
Marked copy of Electoral Roll to be used in 5 special polling stations for Inner Parliamentary Constituency under Imphal East district 11/04/2024 View (1 MB)
Submission of prescribed ID Forms by the Internally Displaced Voters for opting Special Polling stations. 27/03/2024 View (511 KB)
Facility for voting through postal ballot paper for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. 06/04/2024 View (447 KB)
Review meeting for security plan, vulnerability mapping, law & order for the ensuing 18th Lok Sabha Election. 05/04/2024 View (233 KB)
Notice regarding final list of polling stations for 10 ACs under Imphal East district. 01/04/2024 View (5 MB)