District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit

Integrated Counselling and Testing Center (ICTC)

ICTCs in Imphal East
Sl. No. ICTC Number
1 Stand alone ICTC 3
4 FI- ICTC 6
5 Mobile – ICTC 1
Total 16


 Block wise facility centre in Imphal East
Sl. No. Name of Facilty Centre Block
1 PPTCT JNIMS Porompat
2 ICTC JNIMS Porompat
3 DTC FICTC Porompat
4 Mobile ICTC MVHA Porompat
5 ART Center , PARTC JNIMS Porompat
6 Advance Hospital PPP-F-ICTC Porompat
7 Public  Hospital PPP-F-ICTC Porompat
8 ACME Health Care  Hospital PPP-F-ICTC Porompat
9 City Hospital PPP-F-ICTC Porompat
10 Bashikhong PHC-F-ICTC Keirao Block
11 Keirao Makting PHC-F-ICTC Keirao Block
12 Andro PHC-F-ICTC Keirao Block
13 CMC ICTC Sawombung Block
14 Heingang PHC-F-ICTC Sawombung Block
15 Sawombung PHC-F-ICTC Sawombung Block
16 Lamlai PHC-F-ICTC Sawombung Block
17 Yaingangpokpi PHC-F-ICTC Sawombung Block
18 Sagolmang CHC ICTC Sawombung Block

Epidemiological trends of HIV/AIDS in Imphal East District

No. of Client tested in the District (Cumulative) since 2010 to December, 2017
Sl. No. Client No. of Client tested No. of Client found Positive
1 General Client 103240 3286
2 ANC Client 58561 149
Total 161801 3435


PLHIV (People living with HIV/ AIDS) population for Imphal East District
Sl. No. Description Population
1 HIV Positive Client Pre- ART registered 2940
2 HIV Positive Male Client Pre- ART registered 1438
3 HIV Positive Female Client Pre- ART registered 1040
4 HIV Positive Transgender Client Pre- ART registered 22
5 HIV Positive Children Client Pre- ART registered 440
6 Alive ON-ART 1914
7 Alive ON-ART (PARTC) 318
8 LFU Pre ART 144
9 LFU ON ART 136
10 PLHIV Died  (ART C. JNMS, Porompat) 877

(NGO) Targeted Intervention

Targeted Intervention
Sl. No. Name of TI Typology Target as per Contract Registered (Active)
1 Nirvana Foundation IDU 600 628
2 Kripa Society IDU 400 437
3 RUSA IDU 400 426
4 IAC IDU 500 511
5 SODAM IDU 500 507
6 PEWA IDU 300 360
7 UNICAM (YPK) IDU 250 335
8 UNICAM Khurai IDU 300 330
9 CBSED IDU 300 331
10 SASO East IDU 250 252
11 Nirvana Foundation FIDU 150 181
12 Care Foundation IDU 150 151

OST (Oral Substitution Therapy)

No. of OST Center=2

Sl. No. Indicator Target Oct 17 Nov 17 Dec 17 Total
1 Total number of clients registered at the OST Centre till the reporting month (Cumulative) 160+ 120 812 848 896 2556
2 Number of active clients in the OST centre 259 289 328 876
3 Total number of clients started on OST by the centre till the reporting month (Cumulative) 812 848 896 2556
4 Of the total number of clients started on OST by the centre till the reporting month, number referred by IDU TIs (Cumulative) 89 111 151 351
5 Total number of clients completed treatment and were taken off from medication after treatment  in the month (Cumulative) 43 43 43 129

Services provided to the common people

  • HIV/ AIDS prevention and control Center in the district by coordinating and monitoring the service delivery to the people, conductig IEC programs, health camps and blood safety etc.
  • Free counselling and testing – giving guidelines and make easier in accessing the health care system by referral and linkage to the ICTC (Integrated Counsellng and Testing Center) and PPTCT ( Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission Center) on free of cost.
  • Care, Support and Treatment (CST)- providing ART (Anti Retroviral therapy) to the HIV positive people, psychological support to reduce stigma and discrimination, advocacy with government stake holders and NGOs, CBOs etc.

Schemes and skill development programs taken up by DAPCU, IE

Social Protection Schemes – To improve the living standard of PLHIVs (People living with HIV/ AIDS) DAPCU in connection with the district line departments provided suitable supports and welfare programs like skill development and income generation programs, training on emboidery and tailoring, handicrafts and small scale industries, coordination and convergence meeting with DC, line departments to extend Social Protection Schemes i.e. AAY, Widow pension Scheme, Family Benefit Scheme, job cards under MGNREGS, RTE (Right to Education), applied a list of 19 widow PLHIVs for beneficiary scheme for housing and financial assistance under MOBC etc