A Seminar to discuss various  developmental issues in respect of the Imphal East District, Manipur was held on 18th October, 2010 at Imphal. The Seminar was attended by Shri G.K. Pillai, Union Home Secretary, Smt. Jayati Chandra, Secretary, DoNER, Shri D.S. Poonia, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Manipur, Shri Y. Joykumar Singh, DGP, Manipur, Hon’ble MLA Shri Dr. Ng. Bijoy Singh and other high ranking and senior officers from Ministries/Depts of Govt. of India and State Govt. of Manipur and officials of District Administration headed.

The Seminar was also attended by Adhyaksha, Up-Adhyaksha, Member of Zilla Parishad, Village Pradhans and Members of Panchayat and also representatives of various NGOs, Academicians etc.

II. At the outset, Deputy Commissioner gave a brief presentation about the implementation of various developmental programmes in the District. After discussion of these schemes and based on the interaction with the public and officials, the following actions were recommended to expedite the implementation of programmes as well as to initiate.

III. The Imphal East District is the youngest District of the State. It came into  existence on 18.6.1997 with its Head Quarters located at Porompat, Imphal occupying the eastern part of the erstwhile Imphal District. The District is situated in two separate valleys of the Sate namely, Central Valley and Jiribam Valley. It is a backward District covering a total geographical area of about 709.00 Sq.kms of which 689.92 Sq.kms is rural (97.3%) and about 19.09 Sq.kms in urban (2.7%).

The District has a total population of 3,94,876 comprising of 1,96,505 female and 1,98,371 male population and literacy rate of 75.40% of which Male literacy ratio is 85.50% and Female literacy ratio is 65.50%.

There are four Revenue Sub –Divisions in the Districts namely- i) Porompat ii) Sawombung iii) Keirao-Bitra and iv) Jiribam. The total number of SDC Revenue Circles in the District is 9(nine) and there are 485 Revenue villages in the District. The total number of urban local bodies is 4(four) comprising of 2 (two)   Municipalities and 2(two) Nagar Panchayats .There is Zilla Parishad in the district comprising of 19 Elected Zilla Parishad members However, there is no Intermediate Panchayat in the district as well as in the other districts of the State.

There are 3(three) CD Blocks in the district namely:-i) Imphal East – I  CD Block, Sawombung , (ii ) Imphal East –II CD Block, Keirao Bitra & iii) Jiribam CD Block , Jiribam. There are 56 Gram Panchayats in the District.


IV. The Deputy Commissioner, Imphal East in his presentation covered implementation of  various rural development programmes such as   IAY, NREGS, SGSY, Integrated Watershed Development Programme(IWDP), National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) & Medicare, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), PMGSY, Food and Public Distribution, Banking, Youth Affairs and Sports, Minor Irrigation, Commerce & Industries, Water Supply and Sanitaion, Fisheries, RGGVY,  ICDS, Veterinary & Animal Husbandry and  also explained the schemes taken up under NLCPR and SPA.

 These programmes/ schemes were discussed one by one in the seminar as open house with inputs from public and public representatives. After presentation by the Deputy Commissioner all important programmes were discussed one by one and the public representatives gave their view as well as suggestions about implementation of the schemes. All schemes were discussed in the open house with full public participation. At the end of the seminar, the following recommendations were adopted for implementation of various programmes /schemes and project.



1.       EDUCATION:

·                    For opening of a new Kendriya Vidyalaya - State   Governtment to provide 10 acres of land to be identified by DC/IE.

·                    DIET Centre location to be finalised by DC-  Imphal East within 30th of Dec., 2010.

·                    Construction of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Yaralpat  to be completed within Feb., 2011. ( Action: DC/IE)

·                    Pupil teacher ratio to be maintained in all schools.   (Action : Education (S) Deptt)

·        Under RMSA additional classrooms will be added. Infrastructure gap in the schools will be bridged.

                                                                                              (Action : Edn(s)/RMSA/Ministry of HRD)

·       To consider entrusting Primary schools with the Gram Panchayats.   (Action: Edn(S)/State Govt).

·                  To examine the feasibility of handling over of Primary education to the PRIs/ULBs under devolution.

                                                                                               (Action: Edn(S)/State Govt.)

2.       HEALTH:

·        Establishment of Nursing Institute and District Hospital.     (Action: Health Dept/State Govt. & MoHFW/GOI)

·         Manpower of planning in the Health Department will be ensured.

·         To provide Quarters for Doctors.

·         Purchase of equipment and machineries with Annual Maintenance charges for 5 years. No new proposal for maintenance.

                                                            (Action: State Health Deptt/NRHM/State Govt.)

·         SGSY- demand for enhanced allocation for the Self Help groups will be considered.   (Action: DRDA/State Govt/FIs/RD, GOI)


·         MGNREGS

      - To activate a District Planning Committee.

      - To organize Social Audit regularly.

      - Need to strengthen Manipur State Employment Guarantee Council.               (Action: DC/State Govt.)

     ·        Convergence of various flagship programmes to promote synergy and avoid duplication.     (Action: DRDA/RD/State Govt.)

     ·        SGSY :Holding of SARAS Mela on annual basis will be considered in Imphal East District.   (Action  DC, IE/RD)

     ·         PMGSY-NRRDA to agree to more roads for upgradation.     (Action: NRRDA,GOI/DRDA/RD/MSSRDA)

     ·        There should be regulatory mechanism for release of fund.     (Action: DRDA/FD)


4.       TELECOM:

  ·        OFC cable to Jiribam – Payment issue with the BRO to be resolved.         (Action:State Govt/BRO)

  ·        For Common Service Centres- Rs 53 lakh pending with the IT Deptt will be released within a week.  (Action IT Deptt)

  ·        Improvisation of the Police Station Helpline.           (Action:Police Deptt.)

5.       TOURISM:

  ·        Entrepreneurship development to promote Tourism in the District.

  ·        To promote health Tourism                (Action: Tourism Dept/Ministry of Tourism)

  ·        Prohibited Area Permit norms to be relaxed. (Action: Home Deptt)

  ·        Land for establishment of Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism to be provided.    (Action: Tourism Deptt/DC, IE/State Govt)

  ·        Eco-park project at Nongmaiching to be handed over to the State Govt.                       (Action: Forest Deptt/DC,IE/Tourism Deptt)

  ·        Gouranagor, Sanjenbam Chingoiching to be developed as Tourist destination.            (Action: Tourism Deptt/Ministry of Tourism)

  ·        Tourist lodge at Jiribam to be completed by February, 2011.                                   (Action: Tourism Deptt/ Ministry of Tourism)

Participation in Gram Sabha Meeting                                                Regional Saras Fair 2009

6.       JNURMS

 To reform the Urban local bodies.                                                                          (Action: State Govt/MAHUD)                

·        To have proper mechanism for Solid Waste Management system.                       (Action: MAHUD Deptt.)

·        To establish cold storage system.

·        To organize a one day seminar exclusively for the farmers by the SPICE Board on spice cultivation.



·         Tea board will assist in certification for smoked tea for Manipur.                 (Action: Horticulture Deptt/ Ministry of C&I/ Spice Board)



·        Agriculture Department will expend area under cultivation and increase productivity.

·       CADA will take up field channels.

·       Tea board will assist in certification for smoked tea of Manipur.

·       Subsidy for tools and equipments e.g. tractor, power tiller, etc.from the existing Rs.45,000/- to Rs. 1 lakh.

                                                                                       (Action: Ministry of Agri./ Agri. Deptt./ Tea Board/ CADA)

9.             FISHERIES:

·        Establishment of 4(four) model Fishery Estate- one each in 4 Sub-Divisions.

·        Establishment of Modern Whole Sale fish market.

·        Establishment of 4 Modern retail fish market-one each in 4 Sub- Divisions.

·        Identification of suitable sites and preparation of DPRs to be completed within 6 months.

·        NFDB will assist and expedite fishery project.                 (Action: Fisheries Deptt/NFDB)


10.    Veterinary & Animal Husbandry :

·       Establishment of one Pig Breeding Centre in Imphal East District.

·       Construction of Vety. Dispensaries – 10 numbers.

·       Employment generation programmes for unemployed youths through Diary, piggery, poultry and goatery units.

·       Preservation of pasture land for fodder development.

·       Strengthening of technical manpower.

·       Veterinary Deptt. will prioritize activities which have employment generation potential.

·       Production of pasteurized milk to be increased and marketing network will be expanded and duly publicized for popularity.

·       Fodder crops for the animals will be promoted.

                                            (Action: State Vety & A.H Deptt./Deptt of A.H., GOI)                                                       

11.    POWER:

·        Under RGGVY Electrification of 61 villages to be covered by March, 2011.

·        To provide power supply to USOF sites already in operation.

·        To provide power supply to ITI at Phaknung during working hours (10 am to 4 pm).

·        Silchar- Imphal transmission line will be in place by June, 2011.

·        NEC funded 132 KV at Kongba to be completed by March, 2011. (Action: Power Deptt)

·        To take advantage of MNRE for improvement of power supply and submit proposal to the concerned Ministry.

                                           (Action: MANIREDA/MNRE/DoNER)


·        TSC to be implemented through DRDA.

·        Cost of toilet under TSC to be enhanced from Rs 3000/- to Rs 5000/-

·        Convergence of IAY and TSC

·        Project proposal for tapping of river water during rainy season to be submitted by 29th of November 2010.

                                             (Action: PHED/DRDA/Deptt. of Drinking Water, GOI)


·        Chopper Service between Imphal and Jiribam.

                                        (Action: Transport Deptt/MHA/Ministry of Civil Aviation)


14.    BANKING:

·        Branches of Commercial bank to be opened at-

     i.                    UBI at Porompat

     ii.                  SBI at Jiribam.

·        Setting up of RuDSTI (Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institute) as already approved by Planning Commission to be taken up in Imphal East District.          (Action: Finance Deptt, GoM)



·        Construction of standard playfield for football-3 in numbers under the fund of DoNER.         (Action: YAS, GoM)



·        Since JICA is reluctant to take up Manipur Sericulture Project Phase –II it may be taken up under SPA (under AP 2011-12) with a project cost of Rs 356 crores.

·        Planning Commission and Ministry of Textile may be approached for civil works. 

·        Equipments: Central Silk Board may be approached under CDP (Catalytic Development Programme). (Action: Sericulture Deptt, GoM)


VI.           Recommendations which are of general nature and might involve policy matter and projects which require feasibility studies etc, the Ministries concerned and the State Govt. will examine and take up concrete action. The DC, Imphal East will publish these recommendations in the form of a booklet and distribute to all concerned and the public.


VII.           The Ministry of DoNER and State Govt. will monitor, on a quarterly basis, the progress of action taken on all the recommendations of this seminar as given above. These will be put up on website of Minister of DoNER, State Govt, Office of Deputy Commissioner, Imphal East and updated regularly.