It has three transmission . Important programmes are highlighted below :          

Transmission I : 5-58 a.m. to 10/11 a.m.
6-10 a.m. Yakairol
6-30 a.m Programme Summary
6-35 a.m Lou-u-sing-u-gi wapham
7-00 a.m Khonjel Nachom : Hello Manipur LIVE Phone-in-Programme on Monday,
Wednesday, Friday on Dev.,Sports and Health respectively.
Tuesday-Science Magazine
Thursday-Interview based Programme (30 Years of Manipuri Cinema)
Saturday-Chayolsida Manipur
7-30 a.m. Regional News in Manipuri
8-00 a.m. Samchar Prabhat
8-15 a.m. Morning News
8-30 a.m. North East News in English
8-35 a.m. Monday  -      Matam Esei (Request programme)
Wed               --do--  phone-in
Thurs/Fri         Matam Esei
Sat                  Manipuri Talk
Sun                 Angangi Thouram
9-15 a.m. Minor Dialects (Chinglongi Seirol)
9-45 a.m Matamgi Esei
10-00 a.m. Monday --IGNOU Programme
10-25 a.m Sunday Request programme (Req.Film song)
Transmission II : 11-30 a.m. to 3-40 p.m.
12-35 p.m. Western Music(11-35 a.m. on Sunday)
12-noon Play on Sunday
12-15 p.m. Maheiroisingi Thouram (Tuesday to Saturday)
1-00 p.m. News in English
1-05 p.m. Sunday- Nupigi Thouram
Monday-Khunja Angangi Thouram
Wednesday-Khunja Nupigi Thouram
Thursday-Angang Nawagi Thouram
1-35 p.m. Lou-u-sing-u-gi wapham
2-00 p.m. News in English
3-00 p.m. Hindi Film Geet (Troops Programme)

Transmission III : 4-00 p.m. to 10-30/11-00 p.m.

4-00 p.m. Hmar Programme
4-20 p.m. Paite Programme
4-40 p.m. Kabui Programme
5-00 p.m. Thadou Programme
5-30 p.m. Mao Programme
5-50 p.m. Tangkhul Programme
6-20 p.m. Prog. Summary/Local Announcement
6-25 p.m. Naharolgi Khonjel (Yuva Vani)
6-45 p.m. Khungangi Thouram (Rural Programme)
7-30 p.m. Regional News in Manipuri
7-45 p.m. Sun.  Thagi Esei, Paogi Saktam
Tues. Thurs. - Matamgi Wapham
Wed. Discussion, Itihaski Lamaidagi
Fri.    Chayolsida
Sat.   Serial Play
8-00 p.m. Mon/Fri. Bigyangi Wapham
8-10 p.m. Sun-Chithi Paokhum
Mon-Hindi Talk
Tues-Manipuri Talk
Sat-English Talk
8-45 p.m. Samachar Sandhya
9-00 p.m. News at nine
9-30 p.m. Wed-Req. Film song
4th Thurs-Play
3rd Fri-Literary Magazine : Short Story, Poems, Essay, etc.
Audition : From time to time audition is conducted for Indian Music and Drama. Qualified candidates are put in the panel of approved Artists grading as "B", "B - high","A" and "Top" according to their quality of performance. Samples of Drama and Music forms are given below :