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 In response to an instruction from the Govt. of Manipur and District Administration of Imphal East District, NIC, Imphal East District Centre started data entry work from the month of June 2002 through a Computer Software called “LOUCHA PATHAP” developed by a team of NIC, Manipur. It is a replicate model of BHOOMI Software of Karnataka State. Data entry work for 8 SDC Circles out of 9 SDC Circles has been completed. Data Entry work of the remaining SDC Circles i.e. SDC, Jiribam Circle was unable to do due to survey work is going on at the Directorate of Settlement and Land Records. A total of 1,30,622 records for 198 villages out of 235 villages in Imphal East District have been entered and data validation for 128 villages have been completed.


            The existing progress shows that Manipur will be the first State among the States of North East India to computerise her Land Records and Imphal East District will be the first District to Computerise its land records.


            In other States, huge amount of money were expend for data entry work. But in this State data entry work was done by the officials of Revenue Department without spending any Government fund.

         The existing progress of the Computerisation of Land Records in Imphal East District is due to hectic efforts and devotional work of the District Administration of Imphal East District.


No. of Village

No. of Village DATA entry Completed

Total No. of Records/Dag entered

No. of village Data validation completed





Drawback of the Existing Manual system:

·       The existing system is highly opaque

·       The issue of Land Records depends on the availability, mood and interest of the officials.

·       The individual is demanded for extra money; some times by officials.

·       The manually written Land Record may not be legible.

·       Land Records Books are not maintained properly.

·       It takes long time and very difficult for preparation of report regarding crop details, revenue collection statement of a particular year/years, irrigation details, liabilities, change in ownership etc. that happened through mutations.

·       No quicker analysis for decision making or planning is possible.

·       Manual system is a low cost and slow delivery system.

·       There is least possibility of checking large and voluminous Land Records by Officers like DC/SDO/SDC. Taking this advantage, there are possibility of tempering the land Records at the lower level officials and there is a high chance to make fake patta.


Highlights of LOUCHA PATHAP:

·       Land owner can collect his land records within a couple of minutes at the “Land Record Computer Centre” without any hassle or delay.

·       Daily  backup of records for safe custody and free from theft, loss, fire, flood etc.

·       Land owner can see his land records documents without any help of revenue officials on “Touch Screen KIOSK”, set up at the entrance of SDC Circle Office. This brings total transparency in Land Records administration.

·       “LOUCHA PATHAP” software will record name of the officer, date and timings whenever a record is changed.

·       Uses of Biometrics authentication system for updation of records have freed from land owners from the worry of probable manipulation of their records by some unscrupulous officials.

·       The new system will help in monitoring the Government land from encroachments.

·       The new system will also help to produce various reports.

·       The process of mutation will fully get synchronized with the fieldwork done by the revenue officials.

·       As a part of this new system, the mutation order shall also be scanned and copied in Computers to take care of non-repudiation.

·       Fully online system to carry out mutation on land records data.


Web-based enable system for the Computerisation of Land Records in Manipur:

         NIC, Imphal East District Centre has developed a Web-based Information System for Land Records of Imphal East District.

         The main objective of the Web-based information System is to keep the land records in public domain. Any Records can be viewed through KIOSK system and INTERNET through any Cyber Cafe without anybody intervention or help. Any complaint from land owner may also be sent through INTERNET Services such as e-mail. The system will also bring total transparency on Land Records Administration in Manipur.


Computer Systems to be installed:

  • One Server Computer system(installed)
  • Two client Computer System(only one Client has been installed)
  • Two Dot Matrix Printers (only one Printer has been installed).
  • One KIOSK System (not yet installed)
  • One Bio-Matrix device (installed)
  • One CD Writer (installed)
  • One heavy Duty and high speed Scanner (installed)


Maintenance of Land Records Computer Room:

No further expenditure for the maintenance of the Computer Room shall be required after implementation of this scheme. The scheme was designed not only self sustaining but also recover the capital expenditure by way collecting user charges of Rs. 15/- for every transaction.


    It is a fact that the Government of Karnataka earned approximately Rs. 9.00 crores to Rs. 10.00 crores through BHOOMI though the total expenditure of this scheme was Rs. 25.00 crores only.  


      The IT infrastructure installed at the Computer Centre is the property of Government of Manipur and maintenance of the infrastructure will be done by the custodian of the Computer Centre i.e Sub-Divisional Officer/Sub-Deputy Collector wherever the Computer Centres are set up.


    NIC is responsible for the maintenance of the Loucha Pathap Software and any modifications as required by the Govt. of Manipur, if any. Sufficient number of training to Revenue Staff shall be conducted so as to enable them to handle the system independently.


Conclusion: If the Computerisation of Land Records is implemented in Manipur State, the security of data and transparency to the land owners would be a welcoming step. Not only this, there will be a good contribution in State Exchequer.